Parents Asked to Straighten Up By Pre-School

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(Southaven, MS) When a note about behavior went home to parents at the Southaven Head-start Center, the note was to parents about Their behavior and not that of their children.

In a note sent home last week, parents were asked to arrive on time and dress in proper attire.

According to the letter, some parents were going to school in their pajamas.

"Getting up and getting dressed. I must do it, but I understand at least throwing some jeans on and a t-shirt," said parent Azizia Young.

The note also mentioned three, four and five year-olds at the school cursing like adults.

The letter, written by Ferginia Hood, the school's Parent Engagement Director said the behavior was likely learned at home.

"Mine do not cuss at all. I don't do the cussing around them. I don't fight or argue around them," said parent Doneshia Davis.

This is not the first letter the school has sent to parents.

Executive Director Eloise McClinton told News Channel 3 by phone that parents are the first teachers and they count on them to help prepare the students for kindergarten.

Still today, we witnessed some parents at school in their pajamas.

None of the parents we talked with had an issue with the letter sent home.

"I think it's good to let parents be aware of what's going because I wouldn't have known kids were cursing," said Young.

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