Neighbors Hope Shooting Ends Crime Spree

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(Memphis) Forty-seven burglaries.

That's how many home break-ins police say have happened in the area where a 16-year old was shot trying to burglarize a home.

"It was unfortunate but gosh, it's just getting that bad," said Resident Terry Dukes.

Terry Dukes is just one of many who've been hit-up by burglars in the neighborhood.

Police say 47 homes in all have been targeted in the zip code in the last two months, a string of them on Copper Valley Road alone.

The crime spree got a lot of attention when the teenager was shot dead.

Police say 16-year-old Teveon Reed was trying to burglarize a home with two accomplices when the homeowner shot him in the chest.

"Anytime somebody loses their life it's sad but God, look at the situation he put himself in," said Dukes.

Dukes hopes the shooting puts an end to the neighborhood crime spree, or at least serves as a warning to other criminals.

Police say Reed may have been involved with other burglaries in the area. Witnesses say when he was shot, he had socks over his hands, meaning he was trying to hide his fingerprints during the burglary.

But his friend Tonio Reggs believes Reed was no professional criminal.

"If they were the ones burglarizing 47 houses out here, true enough, he wouldn't have gotten shot," said Reggs. "They would have did it a lot more smarter than what they did."

But Reggs admits that Reed, who wanted to be a professional basketball player, shouldn't have been up to no good.

"That will let you know, one bad decision can end your life out here," said Reggs. "But I hate that it happened to him."

But many say it was bound to happen to someone in a neighborhood where homeowners were prepared to be next.

"Forty-seven break-ins," said Dukes. "That`s going to let you know, you gotta protect yourself."