Civil Rights Groups Call For Ole Miss to Address Civil Rights Issues

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(Olive Branch, MS) Jamal Woods looks over his damaged truck, trying to total up the cost of fixing it.

He says the damage to it came as part of a series of racially harassing incidents that happened to him on the Ole Miss campus, ”My emotions were gone at first I didn’t think much about it and then it popped up again so I don’t know what’s next."

It started in August when someone wrote racial slurs on Woods’ dorm room door and those of at least one other student.

The University investigated and moved Woods to a new dorm and things quieted down for a while.

Woods thought he was in the clear until a University Police officer noticed a flat tire on his truck.

Turns out someone slashed all his tires and keyed his truck all over.

Woods and his family were so concerned about that incident, they called for help from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

”The leadership of Ole Miss seems to be in denial. There are some serious racial problems at that University,” said the Reverend Dwight Montgomery of the SCLC.

He pointed to the disturbance on campus after President Obama’s re-election as an example.

So the SCLC and the People United to Save Humanity drafted a letter to Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones.

The essence of the letter is asking the Chancellor for a meeting to discuss the situation to make this young man whole," explained Rev. LaSimba Gray of People United.

That means campus security upgrades and fixing Woods truck.

For their part, the University released a two page list of its responses, including installation of security cameras and sensitivity training.

But Woods fears it’s not enough, ”I don’t feel safe going back to Ole Miss at this point. I don’t because I'm afraid of what might happen next, it could be worse.”

He said he may not step foot on the Oxford Campus until the University does something more.