Justice Department Investigating FedEx

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(Memphis) Memphis based FedEx is in trouble with the feds after allegations they helped illegal online pharmacies break the law by shipping their drugs.

The Justice Department is cracking down on the illegal sale of prescription meds like painkillers, and part of that crackdown includes going after FedEx and UPS. 

The Justice Department says the companies are transporting illegal drugs for online pharmacies.

UPS says it's cooperating with the federal government, but FedEx is playing hard ball and could soon face charges. 

Fed Ex released a statement saying 'We have no interest in violating the privacy of our customers by opening and inspecting their packages in an attempt to determine the legality of the contents. We stand ready and willing to support and assist law enforcement. We cannot, however, do their jobs for them.'

In the same statement FedEx said it works closely with the government, and it`s the government who is dropping the ball here. 

As to why the shipping giant is fighting back they say, 'This is why for several years we have been asking the DEA to provide us their list of online pharmacies suspected of engaging in illegal activity so we can immediately stop their ability to ship via FedEx services.'

FedEx says they have never been given a list, and they plan to fight whatever charges the justice department files.

They say packages are sealed and they do not routinely open them because privacy is an important part of the trust they hope to have with customers.