Security Guard Helps Catch Killer

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(Memphis) Police say a killer is in jail because of the brave actions of a security guard.

We're told Cary Peete chased down a man that police say shot another man dead.

Peete then held the killer at an apartment complex until police could cuff him.

It's not easy to make sense of a senseless crime.

"I sat with him on the ground while he was just laying there," said a young woman who wants to go by 'Kim.'

Police say a 21-year-old man was shot in the neck and bled to death at the Greenbriar Apartments in Frayser.

One of his friends stayed with him as he died.

"I was just telling him 'don't leave'. 'It's going to be OK'. I was trying not to let him panic and lose more blood," she said.

Police arrested Darryl Claxton for the shooting.

"He just opened fire, maybe five or six times," said Kim.

He might not have been caught without the help of a brave security guard. They say the guard chased Claxton through the apartment complex, even though the 21-year-old suspect was armed. Police say when the security guard caught up with the Claxton and Claxton raised his hands in the air, laid face-first on the ground and did not resist arrest.

Police say the security guard, Cary Peete, held Claxton there until officers arrived.

"That is great and I hope justice is served," said Kim.

Claxton now faces first degree murder charges for killing Terry Johnson, known in Frayser as "Duke".

"It is a real sad that he passed away at the young age that he did," said Friend Ebony Griffin.