Investigators digging into Mayor Greg Davis’ spending

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(Southaven, MS) The wheels of justice roll slowly, and  those on both sides of the Greg Davis money investigation are still waiting to see if the embattled Mayor will face charges.

You may not see action, but the State Auditors Office and the FBI  are on the case.

The Desoto County District Attorney's Office is also involved.

D.A. John Champion calls this a complicated case.

For one, there are years of documents to go through.

Greg Davis became Mayor 15 years ago.

That's years of travel vouchers and city spending and you have to figure out what's legitimate and what's not.

It also involves a lot of time talking to people in and out-of-state, bell hops, waitresses, anyone who can verify expenses..   

Once the feds get everything they need, federal prosecutors and the District Attorney will meet, review the evidence and decide if they should take it to a Grand Jury.
As for how long that will take, it's anyone's guess.

Prosecutors won't move forward until they feel they have enough to go on.

Greg Davis is up for re-election next year.

He tells News Channel 3 he  hasn't decided if he will run again.

But that may not even matter, depending on what if anything Davis is charged with, it could follow him whether he is in or out of office.

This  case has been going on for about a year already,  but the FBI got involved back in the spring.

If there is enough evidence, we are told the case will go to the Grand Jury and Greg Davis' case, Mayor or not, will be treated like any other.