House Set on Fire, Police Find Neighbor With Burn Marks

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(Southaven, MS) When a porch outside a home on Jayne Ayre went up in flames Tuesday night, suspicions in the neighborhood pointed to one man, Kyle Doss.

"I figured he did it," Herman Harris said.

Police did too. While firefighters put out the flames, police walked across the street to question Doss. Police say when he opened the door he had burn marks on his hands and face.

He was charged with arson on the spot.

"Not shocked at all it's like the fourth fire on the street in a year," Neighbor Michelle Chambers said.

Chambers lives two doors down from Doss.

"He's always the first one to call when something is set on fire," she said.

She says he has a history of suspicious behavior.

"He just walks up and down the street," she said. "He'll come and tell you the next day he saw this guy walking up and down the street describing himself."

In fact, she and another neighbor found Doss lurking in their garages several months ago. Chambers say she even caught him trying to steal a lighter off her car.

"He's not all there he's definitely missing something," she said.

Then last month Doss was arrested for burglarizing the same home he allegedly set on fire Tuesday night.

Neighbors say all the problems caused the family who lived there to move out.

"He said his wife didn't want to stay there anymore," Harris said.

Neighbors hope Doss' arrest eases fears in this typically quiet neighborhood.

"Hopefully he'll stay in jail," Chambers said.

Doss remains in jail on a $100,000 bond.