Substitute Teacher Fired Over Relationship With Student

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(Helena-West Helena, AR) A substitute teacher is off the job after she's accused of being involved with a 15-year old student.

The mother of the student went to Helena-West Helena police and the school board as soon as she found out.  

"We actually went to school together. Me and her went to school together."

Rhonda Holder is talking about Brenda Davis.

Holder says she can't believe the substitute teacher, in her mid thirties, is in a relationship with her 15-year old son, "He said that they have been touching each other. He did say that. This is what he said."

Holder found out about everything from her 11-year-old daughter in October.

When she did, she went straight to the Helena-West Helena Police Department and filed a complaint.

She's mad because Brenda Davis is not behind bars, "The warrants were signed out, I think it was Friday, the warrants were signed. No one has been picked up. She hasn't been picked up or nothin'"

Rhonda Holder said her son is a student at Central High School in Helena-West Helena.

He told his mother he and Davis exchanged phone numbers while she was a substitute teacher, "She's never been inside my house but she has been in the driveway with my child. And they have been riding, and everywhere together."

Holder's suspected something when she caught her son in a pickup truck with a strange woman back in September.

Suzann McCommon, CEO of Helena-West Helena Schools, says action has been taken in the matter, "The school district has started an investigation and has an ongoing investigation as a matter of fact."

McCommon says she is unaware of any other students being involved with the teacher, but did make Brenda Davis' job status clear, "In answer to your question a while ago of is she still working in the school? And the answer is no."

The Helena-West Helena Police Chief was unavailable for comment on the complaint against Brenda Davis.

The woman could face criminal charges.