Greg Davis & Ex-Wife Come To Temporary Deal

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(Hernando, MS) Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has agreed to pay more than $1,800 a month after reaching a temporary settlement with his ex-wife.

Suzann Davis took her former husband to court asking for money for their three children.

"She won't be answering any questions today," said Martin Zummach, attorney.

Suzann Davis and her attorney arrive at the DeSoto County Courthouse in Hernando without answering questions about her child support lawsuit against her ex-husband.

When they divorced in June 2011, both parties agreed he would pay half of all expenses for the children instead of child support.

Now, she wants the cash.

The judge ruled she can get it temporarily.

With this temporary order, Mayor Davis is no longer required to pay expenses, but now every first of the month he must hand over $1,850 to his ex until they go to trial in March.

A gag order keeps her from talking but a look into court documents filed on her behalf sheds light on why her change of heart when it comes to the mayor paying half of expenses versus child support. 

Suzann Davis has signed statements from a city alderman and the Southaven police chief saying the mayor admitted to them he had documents altered to reflect a lower salary during his original  divorce proceeding.

All of the parties involved are bound by a gag order.

Today Judge Percy Lynchard explained why he was keeping it in place.

He said it was his attempt to protect the couples three children. 

He expects it will stay in place until this matter is settled in March. 

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