Fight at School Lands Seven Behind Bars

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(Memphis) - A fight between students at East High School in Memphis sparks a family brawl. Police say it all started with a verbal altercation between students. Minutes later family members of one of the students came to the school ready to fight.

Police say security escorted them off campus, but they came back.

"They got on the intercom and said for all the teachers to lock the doors and don`t let nobody out," one student said.

It was lunchtime at East High School.

"I was like I don`t know what is going on. I thought it was a fire or something," student Staci Robinson said.
The campus went on lock-down. Police say after being escorted off the property 7 people including four adults stormed back on campus, walked up three flights of stairs,  and jumped three teenage girls on their way to lunch.

"They said two girls were fighting and the momma jumped in and a couple of dudes jumped in and we had to stay in class," Robinson said.

"I heard she was getting stomped and everything," Dereck Harper said.

Police say the group jumped on top of the girls and started kicking and punching them.  Police were forced to use a chemical agent to break up the fight.

"Security guards jumped in and pepper sprayed some folks," Robinson said.

East High students are shocked a fight that big broke out in the halls of their school.

"They`re will be a little one on one fight not 7 people," Harper said."That`s a lot."

The suspects, Chardasia Carnes-Marshall, Khatarri Burrow, Shalonda Gardner, and Bruce Scott., were arrested and charged with aggravated criminal tresspassing and assault. The three juveniles were taken to juvenile court.

The school district said that the situation was quickly under control. It said the district is cooperating with MPD who took over the investigation.

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