Fiance’ & Niece Of Missing Elderly Man At Odds Over Disappearance

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(Memphis) The fiance' and niece of a missing 93-year-old man are at odds about his disappearance.

L.P. Baker left his home in the Nutbush area Thursday, after an argument with his fiance,' who is little more than half his age.

Police say he was spotted near the area Friday.

Crews used a bloodhound to search the area Monday, but the dog couldn't pick up a strong scent of Baker.

"I miss him.  I love him.  I am not in love with him, but I love him," said Baker's fiance', Patricia Cox.

She broke down Tuesday while talking about their fight before he disappeared, "We had words on him pooing on a sweater," said Cox.

Cox has left their house door open waiting for Baker to return, "Just hoping and praying, but that gut feeling tears you up. It is devastating."

Friday, Department of Human Services investigators knocked on Cox's door because they were told she wasn`t taking good care of Baker.

"No one is neglecting anybody here, this is not a case of neglect," said Cox.

"We think she knows more than what she is telling," said Baker's niece Betty Riley.

Riley spent part of the day looking for her uncle.

She believes Cox may know more than she is saying, "What would she (Cox is 54) want with a 90 something year old man, except his paycheck coming every month."

Cox insists her 93-year-old fiancé is her soul mate, "He wanted to get married because that was the only way I would be compensated. I didn't want to get married. He was planning on marrying me."

Both women want Baker to come home, but they are prepared for the worst.

"If he has not gone into somebody's house, there is no way he could have survived," said Riley.

"He was a really special person, he really was," said Cox.

Anyone with information is asked call police at (901) 545-COPS.