Sleeping Shooter Forgiven By Family

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(MEMPHIS) It's been a heck of a year for the Brengettey family it all started with break-ins at their South Memphis home.  

“They came through window when both of us got off work, and then they tried to come through the front window”, said Jerri Brengettey.

Jerri’s brother, Terry Govan, bought a gun and slept with it under his pillow.  According to police documents, one night he had a beer and fell asleep. Reportedly, while Govan was sleeping he pulled the trigger. The bullet flew through the walls of the house, hitting his niece Kareatha Brengettey and her infant daughter.

They say ‘bloods thicker than water’ and this family believes it, “My brother got that gun to protect us not to hurt us not to cause any harm”, said Jerri Brengettey. “It was a freak accident.”

They didn't press charges, but as you might imagine police filed them anyway. The sleeping shooter Terry Govan was on the run since this happened months ago. Tuesday, police finally caught him.