More To The Story Of The Guy With 20+ Kids

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(Memphis) He's a man with at least 25 kids, who recently told a judge that he has no money to support them.

But we've found out, while Terry Turnage says he is broke, his lifestyle in another city, and online, shows something else.

It’s not a name that you hear every day but people say it’s what Turnage goes by in Forrest city, Arkansas.

“We know him on the streets as ‘TYB’,” said Lesley Phillips, a Forrest City resident.

“It stands for 'Take Your Bitch',” said Donald Butler, whose family has done business with him.

The alias is insight into the life of Turnage, a man who has at least 25 children and owes 15 women child support in Memphis. And we now know that he’s leading a separate life in Arkansas.

“And your friend has a child with him?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yes,” said Phillips.

“So, that would make number 26,” said Hall.

“Oh Jesus,” said Phillips.

Phillips says she had no idea about the man's history or that the mothers of his children say he has paid them as little as a dollar and change in child support and then nothing  at all, “I just know him from being a nightclub owner,” she said.

Recently, Turnage told a judge, he is broke and has been out of work for two years

“You have no income?” asked the judge.

“No sir,” said Turnage

But those in Forrest city know a different guy.

“I know he is flashy and drives a nice car,” said Phillips.

“Just someone I used to know owned a club here,” said Angela Robinson,  a Forrest City resident

In Forrest City, Turnage, or TYB, is known as the owner of the Coconut Lounge and Cafe. It's a night club that burnt down in December of last year.

On the fire report that we obtained from the Forest City Fire Department, Turnage listed himself as the owner. And since the blaze, it seems he's trying to get back in business.

They woudn't talk to us but we found workers renovating a building on Alderson Avenue:  a property bought by Terry Turnage Junior in January of this year.

Turnage says he is trying to bring back the Coconut Lounge on his Facebook page.  Also on his page:  pictures of his shoes, clothes, liquor collection, him traveling, wearing gold jewelry, posing with nice cars.  It’s all while his many children, don't see him.

“She’s hurts by it. She cries sometimes over it ,” said one of his children’s mothers, Carrie.

And the mothers in Memphis says he gives them no help.

“I would love for him to get locked-up and can`t get out until he brings some of the money he has forward  to pay and spit among all of us mothers,” said Carrie.

Attorney Miles mason says jail time for Turnage is something the State should pursue.

“I think the State should go after every father who refuses to support children that they brought into this world,” he said.

The State, so far, has suspended Turnage’s license for not paying child support but it seems, it hasn't stopped his lifestyle as “TYB” in Forrest City, Arkansas.

“At the time, yeah she was very pregnant ,” said Butler, who says the last time he saw Turnage he was with a pregnant girlfriend.