iPad Theft Ring Busted in Mississippi

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(Southaven, MS) - Police say a group of workers at the Grainger warehouse in Southhaven stole a shipment of iPads.The value about $150,000.

Police were able to track down some of the iPads because you have to register your iPad to use it.

"A lot of the people called in their serial numbers to Apple," Lt. Mark Little said.

So far, police have been able to track down 87 people who purchased the stolen iPads.

They've turned up all over in Panola, Tate, Desoto and Shelby counties. They were also located in Arkansas, Illinois, Colorado, and as far as Maine.

"Most out of town people knew somebody locally," Little said.

Little said the iPads were sold on Craig's List and to people at local businesses.

"Somebody knows somebody who has these and they are placing orders," Little said.

The cost of the iPad between $300 and $400, literally a steal. They normally sell for over $500.

"People thought they were getting a good deal," he said.

That deal has landed four people behind bars. Wanda Bernard, Brittany Newberry, Michael Franklin, and Jamita Tuggles worked at the Grainger warehouse where the iPads were taken.

Their charges range from grand larceny to receiving stolen property.

"I suspect there could be 10-20 arrests before this is over with," Little said.

In the meantime, Little said, "if your`e one of the ones who bought it for a good deal and you cooperate. We aren`t looking at arresting you."

The stolen iPads have serial numbers starting with 99. If you think you may have one call Southaven Police at 662- 393-5283.