Arrest in Downtown Memphis Murder

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(Memphis) A news update on woman found murdered in a downtown Memphis apartment building.

Scott Porter is in jail on a $3 million bond after police say he killed Connie Cox and tried to cover it up.

For the last two months, people who live at the Renaissance Apartments have been wondering if they were living in the same building with a murderer. Turns out, they were.

She was known as “CC” on the streets but in August Connie Cox was found bloody and dead in a stairwell.

At the Renaissance Apartments, her blood trailed from the 23rd to 19th floor.

Police say she died about 20 feet from her killer’s front door.

Porter lived in apartment 1904. Investigators say they found bloody items in his place and signs he tried to clean-up blood evidence.

“They would be together,” said Terry Starr, a homeless man who lives downtown.

Starr says Connie was homeless and addicted to alcohol, something she and her accused killer would enjoy together, “I know that from time to time I had seen her and him up by the building by City Hall.”

People who live at the Renaissance, say they’ve been waiting for answers about what happened to Connie and who could have killed her.

“They just put a paper up saying the police were investigating and it was an ongoing investigation,” said Tenant Nicky Johnson.

Police say its investigation is over with Porter’s arrest. Yet, they still haven’t said how they believe he killed Connie or why.

We do know he has been in trouble for a similar offense before.

In the 90’s, Porter served two years in prison for criminally negligent homicide.

The charges had been reduced from second degree murder.

“He was kinda quiet like,’ said Starr.

But Star says when he tried to come up with who could have killed Connie, Porter never came to mind.

“You never thought of him?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“No. I never would have thought of him,” said Starr.

News Channel 3 has put a request in with the district attorney’s office to find out more about Porter and the homicide he committed in 1992.

We’ve been told that information is in the jail’s archive building and we will have access to it Wednesday.

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