Caronna’s Friends Honor Her Memory

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(Memphis) For Cathy Struna it was devastating to lose two friends.

Her friend Tina Caronna was brutally murdered at the hands of Joe Caronna, who she thought was a friend.

“I was shocked and I was betrayed and it's made me leery and distrustful of people,” said Struna.

After Joe's conviction Tina's friends from the Corvette Club and family members are beginning to heal after a hard four years.

“None of us knew until we heard that verdict which way it was going to go,” said Cathy’s husband Matt Struna.

Cathy and Matt Struna threw a party Sunday to celebrate Joe's conviction and the peace of mind they now have he won't hurt another innocent person.

“Tina's spirit was here. She was glad and celebrated with us. We released purple balloons and had great food and music. Everything she loved,” said Cathy.

They also passed around a microphone so everyone could say some words about Tina to help bring closure.

It's even harder for Matt Struna to heal.

He was the last person to talk to Tina before she was murdered, and he testified during the trial.

The defense even tried to make him look involved.

He says that was very tough.

“We had the truth on our side. They didn't have a lot to work with so you kind of expect them to turn over every stone,” said Struna.