Aldermen say Mayor Davis Dodges Child Support, He Dodged our Cameras Too.

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(Southaven, MS) Mayor Greg Davis’ divorce case is causing additional scrutiny on his actions as on the job, which could lead to criminal charges.

 Some of Southaven’s Board of Aldermen and their police chief signed paperwork saying the mayor admitted he gave his ex-wife fake earning statements. The aldermen say Davis ordered the city's Human Resources director to hide some of his earnings, so he could pay less child support.

"That’s a very serious breach of trust and I’ll seriously question any elected official who knew about this wrong doing and didn't report it", said Miles Mason, an attorney specializing in Family Law.

     The Board of Aldermen knew about this two years ago and several board members said they reported it to the Mississippi State Auditor's office, and the Chief of Police, which they said laid the groundwork for the investigations into Davis, but they did not make that information public. 

"We really don’t want to be involved in it but it looks like we're about to be", said Ronnie Hale, Southaven Alderman.

"We probably should have called foul at the time", added Greg Guy. "We have already shared that information with authorities it just wasn't made public until private attorneys got involved."

     Suzann Davis, the mayor's ex-wife got this all revealed in a lawsuit. She accused the mayor of lying about how much money he really made and pressured the Aldermen to admit it.

     News Channel 3 tried to talk to Davis about the allegations at a Veterans' event, but he literally ran out the front door.