Southaven Aldermen Say Greg Davis Hid Money

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(Southaven, MS) Mayor Greg Davis’ divorce case takes a new twist.

Southaven city officials are now admitting the mayor altered his payroll documents to keep his wife from getting more money in their divorce settlement.

Davis admitted making the change to two city aldermen and the Southaven police chief.

That happened in 2010, when Davis was making $185,000 a year.

According to officials he asked human resources to alter his payroll to show he made less money.

Davis’ wife Suzann asked to have her settlement amended, claiming he hid assets from her.

The two divorced and Davis admitted he was gay and involved with a younger man, who the family knew well.

Suzann Davis is suing her ex-husband’s boyfriend, 27-year-old Jansen Fair, for a million dollars for breaking up her marriage and luring her husband away from her.