Police I.D. Scam Artist Posing As Marine

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UPDATE 11/12) “The subject has been identified as Lee Patrick Broome,  a 32 year old male resident of Memphis, TN.  Broome is currently at large and has an active arrest warrant for Theft over $500 and Criminal Impersonation.  Anyone with information on his whereabouts can call local police or Germantown Crime Stoppers at 901-757-2274.”

(Memphis) A scam-artist will make up any lie to gain trust.

In Germantown, a man posed as a U.S. Marine to scam one victim out of $500.

Police need help tracking this man down.

In two days, we celebrate our military men and women on Veteran's Day, but police say use caution because one man in the area is using the trustworthiness of the Marines to prey on the goodness of people.

“It really insults me,” said Susie Moore.

She's offended that a man would use the name of the United States Marines to scam people, “I have a son-in-law who is a Marine, who served in Iraq and I think of what he gave up to serve our country."

Germantown Police are hunting for this man captured in an ATM surveillance photo last month.

They say he pretended to be a Marine, even showed his victim a business card to sell his lie.

The scammer claimed he locked his wallet in his car at this Chick-fil-a in Germantown and needed money for a locksmith.

Someone agreed to help the so-called Marine and be repaid once the 'Marine' was back in his car, but after hitting up two different ATMs the fake Marine took off running with nearly $550.

“To me, that's just a scumbag,” said Moore.

Investigators say it’s unclear if the man was a former Marine or a fake.

Regardless, they say he is not what he appeared to be.

“I think people will go out of their way to help someone they believe is a veteran,” said Moore.

Investigators are following up on leads.

Anyone with information on who the man might be, can call the Germantown Crime Stoppers at 757-2274.