Memphis To Consider Ways To Keep Repo Men Safe

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(Memphis) City Councilman Jim Strickland and several other members of the Memphis City Council thought strengthening tow truck laws last year would stop company abuse not put drivers in danger, "Now we may have had this unintended consequence of putting tow truck drivers in danger.

Strickland says council members want to help prevent tow truck drivers from being shot like Friday’s at the  Raleigh Village Apartments on Yale Road. 

"Drivers want to pull the truck to safety and then call it in. But then police say sometimes they tow cars that are part of a crime scene," said Strickland. 

But they can only do so much to the county ordinance because of a similar state law.

In October, someone else opened fire on a  tow truck driver. 

Neighbors of Friday's shooting say children were waiting on the bus in this neighborhood when the shooting happened, and they ducked out of fear.

"They are watching too much television. These reality shows where the guys are jumping on the repo guys," said Bessy Forte. 

Forte says being a repo man is dangerous they never know what kind of people they'll encounter.

"They just react.  That`s all they do.  They just react.  They don`t think. They just react.  That`s why I`m saying they aren`t mature adults," said Forte.