Woman Evicted for Acting Violently in Self-Defense

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(Memphis) A woman, once being considered a suspect of a brutal beating, is now being kicked out of her apartment, even though what she did was considered self-defense.

Arrest warrants have been issued for the woman's ex-boyfriend over the domestic situation, but still, Natalie Smith has three days to leave.

Smith claims the property manager refuses to hear her side of the story.

Had she, Smith believes the manager would have realized that she's not the criminal in this situation, but the victim.

Blood splatter still marks the wall outside Natalie Smith's Hillcrest apartment. Not even it has been removed, but already, Smith is being forced by management to leave.

“I don`t think that`s right to evict me and I`m a victim of this situation,” Smith said.

Over the weekend, Smith claimed self-defense is the reason she pushed her ex-boyfriend over a balcony and the hit him with a hammer when he came back up the stairs, “I didn`t get charged with this because I was the victim.”

She says management at her complex failed to see that or even hear her side of the story.

Instead, she received an eviction letter forcing her to leave in the next three days.

“I am free of charges, I`m not in jail,” she said. “She is putting me out for this, for what this man has done. I didn`t let him come back over here.”

The letter claims she acted violently and it’s enough to remove her according to the law. The letter says she must be out by the end of Thursday.

Smith hopes management will see her side of the story and let her stay, "She's treating me like I`m the criminal and I`m not no criminal. I'm not a bad person, I`m a good person, I've got a good heart and I have every right to defend myself is somebody is bothering me because it could have been me over that balcony."

Smith hopes to get an injunction to stop the eviction.

When News Channel 3 called the property manager this afternoon, we were put on hold for over five minutes.

We called back and no one answered.

Also, the attorneys for the apartment complex did not return our phone call today.