Memphis Woman Shot, Body Dumped in Arkansas

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(Memphis) Sympathy cards are stacked in the gate at Daisy Taylor’s townhome. The home healthcare worker who neighbors say had no enemies was murdered.

“Every time I come home I still look (for her) it's just not the same anymore”, said Andrea Thomas.

At 10am, last Friday, Ms. Taylor's sister talked to her on the house phone.  

Not even an hour later, a man finds Taylor's body 20 miles away, across the river in Arkansas.  

She was dumped in this ditch in Marion and shot three times. At 12:30pm, Memphis police rush to Mason Street, there's an emergency near Cogic World headquarters. 

There’s a burning car dumped there, it's Daisy Taylor's.

“It was on the side of the street and had been set a fire” said Chief Deputy Mike Callender, of the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Department.

 In the middle of the day, a woman with no known enemies is shot three times, left on the side of the road and her car torched.

A week has gone by and there are no arrests.