Groups Monitor Election, Help Voters

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(Memphis) Several groups have set up phone lines for voters in Shelby County who experience issues at the polls and those phone lines have been busy all day.

“Across the board it seems that people have been going to the precincts that they normally vote at and finding that they have been changed to a new precinct and they were not aware of it,” said NAACP Executive Director Madeleine Taylor about calls her office received Tuesday.

Taylor said they were expecting some calls, but not many, because of the number of people who voted early, “People are out there voting and that’s what we want them to do.”

The City of Memphis also set up the Election Integrity Task Force to take calls.

They also reported dozens of calls during peak hours.

The Department of Justice assigned several people to observe at the polls.

“We wanted to ensure that the integrity and the security of the election goes off without any issues,” said U.S. Attorney Edward Stanton III.

“What they are looking for is to ensure voter suppression, voter fraud, voter intimidation that voters are able to go out and vote without any issues,” added Stanton.

They were also taking calls from voters who experienced problems.

The groups said they have been working together with the Shelby County Election Commission to resolve problems.

Here is how you can reach each group:

Department of Justice

  • Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin Bailey
    City of Memphis
    Election Integrity Task Force
    Memphis Branch NAACP