Grizzlies Introduce New Team Ownership

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(Memphis) Memphis Grizzlies owner Robert Pera calls himself a "NBA super fan."

He also said he will be committed to making an impact as an owner off the court.

"One of the ideas I had, was to bring this technology to the charter school system and not just bring the technology to make the schools better, but train the students to set it up install it and maintain it. You’re passing on vocational skills to the students that they can take to start their own companies," explained Pera about some of his plans for education in Memphis.

Pera's commitment to the community was a huge selling point for many of the minority owners that signed on.

"The only reason Staley and I made the decision to get involved was because of his comments about his feeling for the team and for our community and the kind of long-term commitment he was making," said minority owner Pitt Hyde.

"Obviously you want the team to operate at a good level. You also want this team to be more than that. You want it from the civics stand point to be able to reach out. I think that’s what he’s talking about," said Elliot Perry.

Pera will be introduced to fans during Monday night's game.