Final Hours in 9th Congressional District Race

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(Memphis) Just hours before Election Day candidates for the 9th Congressional district are scrambling for last-minute votes.

The key to winning Memphis is winning the African-American vote, and it's something Democrat Steve Cohen usually does pretty easily.

Republican George Flinn is going after those votes in a unique way, with endorsements from rappers like Al Kapone and Yo Gotti, and campaign raps blasting over radio stations, several of which he owns.

John Payne says that may not be the best strategy to get African-American votes, “Unfortunately I feel like it may have an impact, but I think there are a lot of voters in Memphis that are paying attention to the issues and not looking for something showy or gimmicky."

Treon Williams already voted, and thinks the strategy could resonate with voters, “I think it could have an impact on the election. Everybody is looking for the same thing: jobs, and crime down."

Flinn says he doesn’t care where the votes come from he’s just trying to represent the community and the people who make it up, “I want to make sure Memphis and Shelby County are accurately represented so we get the jobs we need and the healthcare dollars we need."

Congressman Steve Cohen says he is working hard the homestretch to get as much support as he can.

The incumbent says hip hop stars feel obligated to campaign for Flinn because they need air time on the radio stations he owns, and Cohen hopes voters can see past that.