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DeSoto Ready To Compete with Memphis For Corporate HQ

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(Southaven, MS) For years, DeSoto County, like the rest of the state, recruited companies to make or store things there.

”Mississippi has historically gone after manufacturing, distribution centers, things like that,” said Pat Nelson, former Chairman and current member of the DeSoto Economic Development Council.

But Nelson says that’s changing.

In fact, there are those who whisper DeSoto was a player in trying to lure International Paper’s planned expansion.

It’s interesting to note, the Memphis Mayor who brought IP to town is also now a DeSoto resident, but Dick Hackett says he wants no involvement in any kind of new IP deal.

He told us over the phone; "I have nothing to say publicly about the issue. If I did I would call Mayor Wharton directly and talk to him."

That said, it’s becoming clear, Memphis isn’t the only game in town anymore.

DeSoto County has yet to snag a corporate headquarters, but County leaders say the stage is set for them to make their move soon.

A new outer beltway around the Mid-South could make the area look a lot more like Dallas, ringed with suburban headquarters.

”With I-269, DeSoto county is poised for some corporate headquarters to locate on that stretch of I-269,” said Nelson.

In fact, Nelson says two big Texas developers, Trammel Crow and Ross Perot already own land there.