Church Holds Vigil for Election, Others Have Election Fatigue

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(Memphis) - We are just hours away until your voice is heard, and for some of you election day can't come soon enough.

For others it's a chance to help make history and for one Memphis church its a chance to help change the world.

"It's not about the candidates," Idlewild Presbyterian Church member, Betty Anne Wilson, said.  It's about bringing peace to the world."

Members of the Idlewild Presbyterian Church are approaching this election with a 60 hour prayer vigil.

"There's so much ugliness out there just between both parties both candidates and we wanted to pray for unity for peace and for justice," church member Mark Jones said.

Especially during an election that has been rife with negative ads and fierce debate.

"We have people who disagree all the time and that's a good thing but we can be respectful in those disagreements," Wilson said. "We can bring about change in a peaceful manner."

The disagreements and heated exchanges social media sites highlight the political firestorm.

This year on Facebook people say they've blocked friends because of political rants.

"I think I got about ten that I blocked until after the election," Michael Wagg wrote on our Facebook wall.

"I blocked all of the political pages about a month ago. Sick to death of politics and all of the hate," Tybird Mira wrote.

Dana Hill Fiveash wrote she has  been "unfriended by 3 people in 3 days."
Which is the negative energy  members of Idlewild Church hope they can help change.

"Just praying that everyone will support whoever wins and we will all come together as a country," Jones said.

The members of the church have signed up to pray in 30 minute time slots. The vigil ends at midnight on Election Day.