Arkansas Absentee Voter Fraud Continues In One County

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(Lee County, AR) Voting problems in Lee County, Arkansas aren't anything new.

"It is utterly devastating, you know. And I just can't believe somebody would go and do something like that."

That's what Bertha Wilson told us due to so much voter fraud in Lee County.

Patsy Buford is also outraged, "I think everyone should vote, but we need to do it legally." 

She said her best friend was a victim of absentee ballot fraud, "Someone obtained a ballot and voted for her again. She was interviewed by the FBI and that was not her signature on the ballot."

Katy Story is the Lee County election coordinator, "No person should ever have over two ballots in their possession."

Story told us glaring problems started in 2010 and there are no signs of it letting up, "We even have investigators investigating it. No one has slowed down on what they're doing or "checked up". I mean it's still happening."

The 2012 ballots are locked in a strong box.

Story says one problem in 2010 was ballots showing one person's named signed three times, "The wrong address, the signature does not match the voters signature on file at the courthouse."

Story said she knows who is responsible for some of the fraud, which also includes voter registration.

She also said county and state prosecutors are working the case but the wheels of justice turn too slowly, "That was turned over in June of 2010. It's November 2012 and we don't even have anyone in court yet."

There are 5,000 registered voters in Lee County with 250 requests for absentee ballots.

Story said that ratio sent up "red flags" and election workers started closely monitoring the mailed in ballots.