Woman Claims Self-Defense in Brutal Attack

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(Memphis) Memphis police are trying to figure out whether a domestic situation was a brutal attack or self-defense.

Police say a man was stabbed by two women and then thrown off a second story balcony, but it didn't stop there. Cops say one woman went downstairs and beat him with a hammer.

This all went down at the Hillcrest Apartments in Whitehaven.

The women claim it was throw or be thrown over the balcony. One of the women says she had no other choice but to defend herself from a drunken ex-boyfriend who had been threatening her all day long.

“He tried to break the window. That’s when we came out,” said 26-year-old Natalie Smith, who said she was trying to defend herself and her neighbor, Michelle Thomas from her ex-boyfriend Herman Tenort.

“When we came outside that's when he charged at us,” she said.

Smith said Tenort was not the victim, but the aggressor and that he had a knife. Thomas says she stabbed Tenort when he tried to throw both of them off the balcony, “When he hit me I did what I had to do.”

Smith added, “I can't do anything, but if someone comes over here and tries to kick my door down and do stuff like this, then people have the right to defend themselves.”

However, police are investigating if this is really self-defense.

“I was outside and just so happen to see him tumble over the balcony,” said Johnnie Chapman, who saw it all. “Actually he was thrown.”

Chapman went to help the stabbing victim, “I was like, ‘man, you done had enough’ and I was trying to get him to just calm down.”

At this point, no charges have been filed, but police says they're still investigating.

“They saw where the police call was made three times,” Smith said. “They saw where we were all defending ourselves. [Michelle’s] mom was here and saw the whole thing too.”

Tenort was rushed to the Med in critical condition. No word on what his condition is Sunday evening.

Smith says she has a meeting with investigators Monday morning to talk more about what happened.