Whalum wants students in MATA incident prosecuted

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(Memphis) A Shelby County School Board member wants tough action taken against the group of Martin Luther King Transition Center School students who are accused of terrorizing a MATA bus driver and several passengers Tuesday.

Dr.Kenneth Whalum Jr. said he's appalled by the behavior of 20 students suspended for banging on the bus' windows, cursing and fighting.

"Nobody is surprised you ask the people on the bus if they are surprised. No they are not surprised. They are use to it, they are literally held hostage every day." Whalum said.

Whalum said the suspensions are not enough and feels the students should be prosecuted.

MATA would like the Board of Education to take away the students' free bus passes.

In the meantime, the school's principal is planning to have a mandatory meeting with parents about how their kids need to behave on public transportation.