State Releases School Report Card

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(Memphis) It's not a winning report card for Memphis when you look at the numbers from the state.

Over a three year average, Memphis City Schools got a D in Math and flat F in everything else. 

The same grades as the prior year.

"That's not very good," said Bill Parsons a concerned resident who lives in East Memphis. "I think we need to improve. That's ridiculous. In Math we got a D."

But school board member Martavius Jones says the letter grades don't show the improvement  students have made, "The state of Tennessee grades on the curve."

He advises to look at the numerical grades which haven't been released yet, but will come from the state in December, "Let's say 60 is the cut off for an F and the child has an average of 40, then they increase to have an average of 59. That is still an F, but it doesn't reflect any type of growth or improvement."

In fact, Memphis Schools improved in the K-8 Value Added Growth.

It moved from C's to B's in Math and Social Studies.

There were also A's in 5th,  8th  and 11th  grade writing.

Five Memphis schools received straight  A's  for a second year in Math, Reading Science and Social Studies.
Shelby County Schools maintained A's in all areas .

In K-8  Value Added Growth it moved from C's to A's and B's in Math and Social Studies and maintains a D  in Science.

The question is what happens next year when the school systems combine.

"The answer in my opinion is parent involvement, community involvement and spread the money fairly," said East Memphis Resident Polly Parsons.

"Just because we are trying to improve this at the bottom doesn't mean we are going to do anything that would be detrimental to those at the other end of the spectrum," says Jones.

Memphis City Schools also touts its graduation rate remains above 70% at 70.6.

It`s not getting worse, but that number is still below  the state average of 87%.

To view the state schools report card, click here.