Long Lines on Last Day of Early Voting

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(Memphis) Long lines in Shelby County filled with people who wanted to make their voices heard on the last day of early voting.

One of those long lines was in East Memphis at the White Station Church of Christ.

They had 14 days to get it done but they waited until the last one to cast their ballot during early voting

"What do you think about these lines?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"Pretty long," laughed Voter Lloyd Henry.

"I suspected it because it's the last day," Mary Helen Carmack, a local voter.

"Everyone told me, when you go there expect to be there for three hours," said Matt Thomas.

The good news was the line went a littler faster than that.

"I think the wait was probably about an hour," said Miles Fortas, a Midtown resident.

And people killed the time by playing with their smart phones, fiddling on iPads, and even reading an old fashion book.

Nineteen-Year-Old Thomas was casting his first vote in a presidential election ever, "It's a civic duty.  You have to come out and vote. You have this right so why not use it?"

It made the long line, to him, worth it.

Early voting ends at 7 p.m.