Joe Caronna’s Mistress: “He got what he deserved”

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(Bartlett, TN) After a jury convicted Joe Caronna of killing his wife four years ago, many people in his life were relieved, including his mistress of 10 years, Becky Black.

“Relief. Just glad it's all over, and he got what he deserved,” Black said.

She said it had been a rough four years and that she knew in her heart he was guilty.

“Things just didn't add up.”

Caronna was sentenced to life in prison for suffocating his wife, Tina Caronna, then putting her body in a car and leaving it in Bartlett.

Since that murder, Black became one of the most crucial pieces for the prosecution to prove Caronna’s guilt.

“I decided to do that because of the threatening phone calls my daughter got, and the text messages, and that made us all scared,” she said.

Black is glad to have this part of her life over; a life which began 10 years ago when Caronna was her Sunday school teacher.

As for Tina’s family, she said, “I feel very sorry for them.”

Tina Caronna’s mother, Clara Murphy, said she wanted to shout ‘hallelujah’ when the judge read the verdict.

“It's been bad. I can't sleep at night. You know, because you never know how the jury's going to find it. But the prosecution did an excellent job,” Murphy said.

She also said that she wanted to beat Caronna over the head and pull out his hair. But now she won’t have to, because he’s been found guilty.

She’s glad she’ll never have to see his face again.

When asked what Tina would say to her now, she said, “Oh, mom. Don't cry. I'm ok. I'm in a better place, you know.”