Neighbors Help Police Nab Burglary Supsects

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(Memphis) Ripped out window screens still sit outside a North Memphis home on Curry Street.

They are signs of the attempted burglary there.

Clarence Littlefield lives next door and heard something unusual Tuesday afternoon.

He knew the elderly lady who lives at the house had just left, "I heard rattling on the bars and security doors, but I thought she had left."

The homeowner was gone, but fortunately some people outside were paying attention to what was happening.

Elizabeth Black called police when her brother-in-law saw the teens trying to break into the home two doors down.

"We saw two guys, one was in the front and one was on the side," said Black. "They was kinda like breaking the windows or something, but I think she kinda got like bars on them or something."

She called police who arrived and found four young men running from the house.

One officer chased them and caught 18-year-old Theodore Floyd.

Police also quickly caught Coby Jackson, Artavious Holmes and Kenta Jennings.

Elizabeth's brother-in-law identified Floyd as  the lookout person and Holmes as the one who pulled the window screens off the house, along with Jackson and Holmes.

Police had their suspects, thanks to neighbors who took notice and took action.

"People don't want to be labeled as snitches, but when it's in your community, what if it happens to you? You gotta think like that," says Black.

The four 18 year olds will be in court November 19th for Attempted Aggravated Burglary.