Mother Struggles To Bury Child, She Says Father Stole Insurance Money

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(MUNFORD, TN) Rebekah Davis-Carver has a makeshift memorial marking the spot where her son's body is buried.  Landen was 16 months old when he died, after being born with an incurable disease.

“He never walked, he never talked, he had no muscle tone, he never moved at all” said his mother, Rebekah.

The death was as painful as you would imagine, but then another devastating blow.  Davis-Carver claims her husband David started using drugs while he was deployed in the military. She says when their child's life insurance came he skipped out with the $10,000 check.

“I'm disgusted, embarrassed, I'm hurt”, said his mother, Kim Koole. “I want him to get help. This is not the child I raised.”

The funeral home gave the family until the first to come up with the money dollars they owe.  Munford community members held bake sales and took donations, they're almost there. The family still has to buy a headstone, don't have the cash and are hoping more people will step up -- to honor Landen the right way.

If you would like to help this family, donations can be made at any branch of the InSouth Bank under the name Rebekah Davis-Carver.