Third Person Comes Forward about Officer Malone

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(Memphis)  A third person has come forward accusing a Memphis police officer of being "unfit" for the job.

Bakeisha Barnes told us officer Darrell Malone roughed her up when she was pregnant.

Malone is relieved of duty accused of flashing a gun and threatening a Collierville man last week.

"He was very aggressive. I can`t forget him," said Barnes.

Barnes said her run-in with Officer Malone happened on Watkins Street. 

She told us he searched her car for a stolen credit card that she didn't have, "I said 'I'm pregnant! You don't have to pull me like that!"

She said Officer Malone wanted her to get out of the car during the search and that she was actively getting out of the car but Officer Malone grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out anyway, "He just tried to rough me up. He grabbed me so aggressively."

Barnes claims Malone's behavior even concerned another officer at the scene. 

At the time, she was four months pregnant with her son.

"The officer kept telling him 'let her go. She is pregnant'," said Barnes.  "He didn`t listen."

The next day, March 18, Barnes reported the incident to the Memphis Police Department's Internal Affairs division.

It's something News Channel 3 confirmed, "I even showed them bruises on my arm."

Barnes says Internal Affairs listened to her story but in the end didn't pursue an investigation and let Malone's precinct supervisor handle any possible discipline.

Malone is now relieved of duty because of an investigation into another case.

He's accused of threatening a man on Germantown Parkway and using information from the 911 call center to do it.

"A lot of people are saying he shouldn't be a police officer," said Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"He shouldn`t! Most definitely," said Barnes. "He  takes the law and uses it to his advantage,"

 Barnes says she's relieved her story is finally being heard.

Barnes is one of five people who have filed a complaint on Officer Malone this year.

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