No Affordable Solutions for Flood-Prone Subdivision

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(Tate County, MS) The Golden Pond Subdivision doesn’t sit in a flood plain, but several homes here do have a flooding problem.

While Tate County leaders say they hope to solve it at some point, for now it’s just too expensive.

It used to flood one part of this neighborhood almost every time it rained.

Appeals went out to the State and local governments to fix the problem, but at first nobody wanted to take responsibility.

Finally, the Department of Transportation undertook a study that found the problem wasn’t caused by the nearby highway, so its hands were tied.

The study found drainage had been diverted over the years and estimated a million to a quarter to a million and a half dollar price tag to fix it.

No one could afford that.

”I think we’ve known for several months that we were at a stalemate in that area and so I guess I have to say I’m not really surprised but I’m not giving up” said Brenda Brooks, who lives in the subdivision.

In fact, Brooks says she’ll keep showing up to Board of Supervisors meetings to keep the pressure on, ”You can only keep letting your voice be heard and hope somebody listens."

Her District Supervisor Billy Saunders listened and has pledged to work on the problem.

He’s been dealing with nearby landowners to get access to their land to clear brush to improve water flow.

Meantime he, and neighbors here say they’ll keep looking for cheaper solutions.

”All we can do is say well, we can’t afford that, what’s plan B,” asked Brooks.

And with the fall rainy season getting started, she hopes “plan B” can be found soon.

Residents hope temporary fixes like keeping drainage ditches cleaned out will help keep the problem from getting worse while they seek a permanent solution.