Some Age Limits Being Put On Who Can Wear Halloween Masks

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(Fayette County, TN) Youngsters usually spend a lot of time deciding what costume to wear on Halloween.

But trick or treating isn't an activity only kids take part in.

That's why police departments in Fayette County are more than a little concerned.

Several towns are banning masks for people above a certain age.

It's an effort to make Halloween safe for everyone.

Halloween masks are getting more frightening every year.

But that's not why several police departments in Fayette County are limiting the age of  those who can wear them.

William Hamric is Chief of the Rossville, Tennessee Police Department, "Our main objective is just to make sure nothing, nothing happens to the children."

The Rossville Police Department is one of several departments taking out ads in a Fayette County newspaper limiting the age of people who can wear a Halloween mask, "We try to discourage anyone over the age of ten or twelve from wearing masks and walking around."

But Rossville's Chief says there's no "mask" policy written in stone.

Towns like Oakland, Gallaway, Moscow and Somerville do have a policy and it's for kids over 12-years-old.

Sargent Harlan Kee of the Somerville Police Department says Halloween is supposed to be a fun time, and the age limit will help keep it safe for all, "We know that the children like to dress up for Halloween. but as they get older there's a lot of mischief that goes on. And it kind of helps us control that type of atmosphere."

Monday Ken Lankford was Halloween shopping for his three children.

He doesn't have a problem with age limit on masks, but would rather police strengthen other ordinances, "I'm more interested in keeping them safe. I think a curfew is a better way if they want to curb violence and stealing and what-not going on."

Chief Hamric says his officers hope trick or treaters will follow a few safety rules, "To watch for cars and to wear clothing that can be seen and go to houses that have the lights on and just have a good time."