MPD: Five Complaints About Officer Since March

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(Memphis) There is new information about a Memphis officer accused of flashing a gun at a driver then threatening that man because he called 911.

 "We want to get to the bottom of it. We don't want to see officer`s photos on the news," said Sgt. Karen Rudolph with the Memphis Police Department.

Sgt. Rudolph said police are investigating Malone and it could turn into a criminal case.

Monday, Internal Affairs released all prior complaints filed against Malone this year.

There have been five since March.

Three people accused Malone of overly aggressive behavior, one person said Malone arrested her without cause and the last complaint was filed by Michael Montgomery, the man who says Malone used a 911 dispatcher to get his cell phone number and threaten him.

"Every complaint that comes in is going to be addressed," said Sgt. Rudolph.

This is the first case however that could turn into a criminal charge for Malone. 

All prior complaints against him had been turned back over to Malone's precinct supervisor to handle. 

One of those complaints: Leo Veasley's accusations that Malone threatened to hit him in the face with a baton.

"He's real arrogant. Very hostile," said Veasley.

According to his internal affairs file, Malone rebutted Veasley's complaint saying, "I am always professional with the citizens of Memphis."

That's something Internal Affairs will have to decide.

"We want people to call and complain," said Sgt. Rudolph.

If you have a complaint against a police officer, Sgt. Rudolph says you can file it at your local precinct or at the Internal Affairs Bureau. 

You can also do it online here: