Hurricane Sandy Impacts Memphis Flights

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(Memphis) Lizette Corro is calling Memphis International Airport home, at least for a few days.

Corro was traveling from San Antonio to Washington D.C. with a connecting flight in Memphis on Sunday.

“They said you’re fine all the way through not a problem. Here is what I would do if I was you and here I am,” said Corro who already spent one night at the airport and expects to spend at least one more.

She is set to be on a flight to Atlanta Tuesday but she has no idea how long it will take to get to Washington D.C. from there, “I’m staying here. I’ve got my coat down there and just being a trooper. I’ve never done this before.”

By Monday morning, thousand of flights were canceled and thousand more expected to be added to that list with several airports on the eastern seaboard shut down all because of Sandy.

“I’m going to champagne and I’m flying into to Chicago. So if there is a delay in a flight I will just get a rental car and driver,” said Memphian Gloria Street  who is hoping for the best.

Dean Chiappini is trying to get to Montreal after a weekend with friends in Memphis.

He is hoping to make it home in time to trick-or-treat with his kids, “We’ve been rescheduled. My friends and I have been rescheduled twice over the last weekend. We were originally to go through Philadelphia and then New York and then we decided to go around the storm through Charlotte.”

Here’s how to deal with flight delays when you or someone you know is traveling.

Check with the airline early in the day to make sure your flight is still scheduled. Then check again before you leave home.

If your flight is cancelled, don’t go to the airport. If you’re already stuck at the airport, immediately go get in the customer service line.

But go ahead and call customer service as well.

You might get through on the phone before you get to the front of the line.