Entergy Workers Head Into Eye of Storm

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(Southaven, MS) Forty more Entergy Mississippi power workers headed to the heart of Hurricane Sandy Monday, joining more than 300 already there.

It comes as Sandy begins lumbering onshore, bringing high winds, crashing waves and flooding along coastal areas.

For now, the Entergy crews will gather in a suburb just outside Washington, D.C.

”They’re going to Rockville, Maryland right now. That’ll be the staging area. They’ll meet there and when the storm clears the area at that point they’ll start looking at where to deploy ‘em," said North Mississippi area manager Don Arnold.

The workers could end up anywhere from the Carolinas to New England to the Canadian border.

MLGW on the other hand hasn’t sent anyone yet.

A spokesperson told us Memphis usually waits to see what utility companies need, before sending help to far away locations.

Either way, Arnold says the job could be a big one and local power crews could be gone for quite a while, ”It could be two to four weeks, you know, this storm is so large and it could be a one-two punch in that it’s a hurricane and it could also turn into an ice storm."

And anybody who remembers hurricane Elvis here, or the 1994 ice storm has a good idea of what those workers have ahead of them.