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Midtown Man Shoots Neighbor, Barricades Himself in Apartment

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(Memphis) A barricade situation in Midtown ended peacefully Saturday evening. Police surrounded an apartment complex on Court Street after a man shot his neighbor and refused to come out.

That man, neighbors say, usually keeps to himself, but got violent with another neighbor.

They believe recent hardships in his life may have caused him to snap and they feared he might continue to hurt others.

“All of a sudden I heard a shot, one shot, but you knew it was a gun,” said Joann Gray.

What she heard was the sound of one of her neighbors at The Brenthouse Apartments shooting the man that lived in the apartment below hers.

“I came out and I didn't see anything and then when I came back, I heard the police and a neighbor say he had been shot,” she said.

Witnesses say the victim, Mark Fink, was walking through the parking lot, when the neighbor called out his name and shot him.  He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The shooter went back in to his apartment.

“He's barricaded in and he knows the police are there and he won't come out,” said Gray.

For hours, Memphis Police officers reasoned with the man trying to draw him out safely. They even had his family members there helping. Gray believes financial troubles caused her neighbor to snap and feared he might continue the violence by trying to hurt officers or himself.

“I hoping that he will turn himself in and do not have to be shot out of there,” Gray said, concerned.

The shooter did surrender, according to police. They say he came out without any further violence.

Police are not releasing the name of the shooter at this time. They say he must undergo a mental evaluation. Charges will likely come Sunday.

The Med says the victim's condition has improved, but he is still in serious condition.