Second Person Says Officer Threatened Him

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(Memphis) A day after a man accused a Memphis Police Officer of abusing his power, another man has come forward with similar accusations against the same police officer.

Leo Veasley didn't want to show his face but wanted his voice heard about who he calls a "bully with a badge."

"You are there to protect and serve, not to harass people and be a bully because you are a police officer," said Veasley.

Veasley says he was harassed by officer Darrell Malone, the same officer accused of threatening another man with a gun and a harassing phone call.

Veasley says in his case, it started when he got a driving ticket from the officer February 9th, "He got very verbal. Pulled a stick out and threatened to hit me in the face."

Veasley says he didn't know the officer's name but when he went to court a couple of months later, he got Malone's badge number and reported it to MPDs internal affairs.

And that's when he says the real harassment began, "After they took the report, the following next day Officer Malone was driving past my house."

He says Malone has passed his Frayser home multiple times after that leaving a ticket on his car, even shining a spot light in his house. 

Veasley says it's all to intimidate him.

"I'm a citizen just like you are and I want to be treated like one," he said. "I don`t want to be protected from the police. I want to be protected by them."

MPD says Veasley did not file a complaint with internal affairs but with a workstation at the precinct level.  Officials say a precinct supervisor called Veasley several times to follow-up on the case but Veasley never returned the phone calls so the case was dropped.  But Veasley says he never got a follow-up call about it from police.

MPD says Veasley never reported that Officer Malone had continued to harass him.

Mallone and 911 and 911 dispatcher Jenny Rice are both on paid leave at this time.