MPD Officer & 911 Dispatcher On Paid Leave After Gun Incident

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(Memphis) A Memphis police officer and a 911 dispatcher are on paid leave and an investigation involving both is underway.

This involves officer Darrell Mallone and dispatcher Jenny Rice.

This comes after a News Channel 3 report indicating the officer may have shown his gun, then threatened a man, while off-duty.

There is also an allegation Rice may have given Mallone the caller’s personal information which would be a violation of procedure.

Collierville resident Michael Montgomery told News Channel 3, he was driving on Germantown Parkway when he sees two guys on motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic.

“I pulled up to them at the stop light and told them, if they don’t start behaving properly I would call the police”, said Montgomery.  “One gentleman lifted his vest and showed me a handgun and told me he was police.”

Montgomery dialed 911 anyway, and said the man with the gun drove by him cursing.

Second Man Says Officer Threatened Him:

Later, he says the man called him on his cellphone, apparently getting his number from 911. Montgomery said the officer told him to watch his back, that if he saw him in Memphis he would “f*^k him up.”

Deputy police director Dave Martello told us Thursday if this story is true the officer, Darrell Malone will face discipline. 

Police spokeswoman Karen Rudolph confirms the same in the case of the 911 operator who may have shared Montgomery’s phone number.   

“If it is true, it’s going to be dealt with and dealt with severely”, said Memphis Mayor A C Wharton. “If it’s not true and someone turned in a false report on one of our officers that’s going to be dealt with too.”