Former MAS Vet On Trial For Starving Dogs

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(Memphis) Former Memphis Animal Services Veterinarian Angela Middleton is currently on trial, accused of starving several animals to death at the shelter.

Middleton is charged with six counts of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Three dogs starved to death after they were brought to the shelter in August 2009.

Necropsies determined the dogs died of starvation.

According to the Commercial Appeal, Middleton said she had many concerns that were not addressed.

One of those concerns was the quality of the food being fed to the dogs, “I really do believe that they were getting … a reasonable quantity (of food) because I do remember seeing the technicians filling the bowls completely to the top with this less-than-desirable food,” Middleton told them. “And the technicians expressed to me that (we were) overfeeding them as much as we possibly can. It was just going right through them.”

Middleton said then MAS Director Ernest Alexander was aware of the food and other issues but did nothing. Alexander, along with former administrator Tina Quattlebaum are also charged with trials pending.