Panhandler Picks On The Wrong Woman

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(Memphis) Imagine being approached by a panhandler who didn't ask for money, but instead demanded it with a knife?

It happened to a disabled woman Wednesday in a McDonald's drive-thru, but it turns out he messed with the wrong woman.

He came face to face with a former professional wrestler.

In the 1980's she was known as "Wolfe: the Boogie Beast of the Mid-South."

"Me and Jerry Lawler are old good friends," said Deborah Higginbottom.

Now Deborah Higginbottom is in a wheelchair and not so quick on her feet.

But quick enough.

"I know how to get away from somebody when they try to come at me," she said.

And police say a panhandler did just that as she made her way through the McDonald's drive-thru on Wednesday, "He walked up to my car and he said 'give me money B...!"

She said the guy had a seven-inch steak knife and was foaming at the mouth, "So I grabbed my car door and butted it trying to knock him down to get him away from the van and I stepped out of the van and said you don`t scare me."

She says the man stabbed at her with the knife three times.

"If he was going to go after her, I was ready to get up out the car," said Deborah's caregiver, Kristina McKinney.

Deborah's caregiver says the former pro-wrestler was able to fend him off while she called police, "I was like, 'this what he looks like! Go get him! Go find him!"

They say it took just twenty minutes for officers to arrest Dylan Smith and Deborah got to keep her title.

"He didn't get me! But I was scared! I really was! But I wasn't going to let him know that!," said Higginbottom.

Deborah says she is the only female wrestler ever to beat Lawler in a wrestling match.