Southaven Alderman Arrested for DUI

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(Southaven, MS) For the second time, Southaven Alderman Ricky Jobes is charged with DUI.

Wednesday, he was supposed to be in court but that didn't happen because his hearing was postponed.

Although his car was there, no one answered the door at Jobes' home.

He's out of jail on a $950 bond on charges of drinking and driving.

"Just taking the risk that he is taking out there of killing someone," said Linda Temple, the founder of Concerned Citizens of Southaven.  "It just appalls me."

Temple created Concerned Citizens of Southaven because of the Greg Davis spending controversy. It's goal is to elected city officials accountable.

"This is not the way that we hope our city is promoted," she said.

Southhaven police pulled the alderman over Friday night, after they say he was driving erratically.

Officers say Jobes refused to take a breathalyzer test, which is something that he was accused of doing in 2010.

That's when Jobes was pulled over, suspected of driving drunk, refused the breathalyzer test and ended-up being found not guilty of the crime because prosecutors had a lack of evidence.

Instead he was found guilty of careless driving.

Temple told us the evidence is there, "Anybody that refuses a breathalyzer twice, I think the writing is on the wall."

Temple said she wants the city leader to check himself into a rehab and if he doesn't and she's hoping the court will do it for him, "We not tolerate DUIs and we are hoping our justice system will prevail."

 Jobes is expected in court November 7. 

Because he's a city alderman, a special judge not affiliated with Southhaven is being appointed to handle the case.