Missing Arkansas Student Found Then Arrested

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(Mississippi County, AR) A missing Arkansas college student was found Wednesday morning.

As soon as it was determined Josh Wilson was not hurt, he was charged with public intoxication and trespassing.

The Gosnell 21-year old was found in Mountain Home, Arkansas three days after he was reported missing. 

His arrest is puzzling, but people who know Josh are just glad that he's okay.

Loren Kinkead is Wilson's girlfriend, "It's been hard because we didn't know where he was at. We didn't know what was going on."

She's relieved he's been found safe, "I just feel like he just needed to get away, you know. Something's been bothering him, but I don't know what. I don't know."

Family friend Lisa Willard told us  Carl and Cassie Wilson went to Mountain Home Wednesday morning where he was found, "Carl called me this morning and told me, 'Lisa, he has been found. He's disoriented, dehydrated and he's been found in someone's yard."

Everyone was surprised by the his disappearance, calling it "out of character."

Wilson is a student at Arkansas Northeastern College in Blytheville and worked at the school's Wellness Center.

Takindra Anderson is an Administrative Specialist at the college and is just glad to hear Josh is okay, "I think it's great. and everybody's been praying and hoping for his safe return. And we're just happy that he was found safe."

Meantime Loren Kinkead  is just counting the seconds till Josh comes home, "It's been hard to eat, it's been hard to sleep. I'm just going to hug him, just going to be glad to see him again."

Wilson's family became worried when he left home Sunday morning without his cell phone.

It's still unclear why he went to Mountain Home which is about 180-miles from Gosnell.