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Delta Grassroots Caucus Talking Ways To Jumpstart Economy

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(West Memphis, AR) Kick starting the economy was just one of many issues leaders from eight states were discussing here in the Mid-South. 

Mayor A C Wharton and Congressman Steve Cohen were just some of the leaders working on several plans. 

Leaders from St. Louis all the way down to New Orleans packed into the Mid-South community college in West Memphis for several days.

Besides jump starting the economy, getting people back to work is high on their list.

“They were struggling even before the recession, but it’s gotten even worse now so we just want to keep the heat on them, our elected officials, all the time and ask them to do more for the economic development of the region,” said Lee Powell, Executive Director for the Delta Grassroots Caucus.

The caucus is made up of politicians, university presidents, and even businessmen.

Powell believes in programs through the USDA like nutritional development and aid to family farmers.

He says it will not only provide relief, but create jobs. 

Powell says they're also using the time together to call out leaders like Arkansas Representative Ron Hubbard who drew national attention for saying slavery was a blessing.

“We have enough trouble attracting investment to the delta without having the bigoted comments generate negative media coverage and creating the idea that Arkansas has a lot of racial turmoil,” said Powell.

The sluggish economy is even affecting the caucus.

They normally meet in Washington every year, but instead chose to do it in West Memphis this year to save everyone money.