Flinn Challenges Cohen to Debate In 9th District

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(Memphis) Election day is just two weeks away.

Both candidates for the 9th Congressional District, George Flinn and incumbent Steve Cohen, are throwing punches at each other, but not face to face.

Dr. Flinn says he is discouraged by Congressman Cohen's refusal to agree to a debate with him.

Flinn shared his frustration at a press conference Tuesday

Congressman Cohen's camp says Cohen will not debate until Flinn releases his tax returns.

Cohen says it's important for the voters to now what kind of financial interests Flinn has before they vote for him.

Flinn says Cohen is taking credit for things he didn't do and he can't really out him for it because he wont agree to a debate.

Flinn says that's a disservice to the 9th district, but Cohen is standing firm saying the real disservice is Flinn keeping his records private.